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Induction- vs Gas Cooktops

As you are no doubt aware, I am an avid lover of induction cooking. In fact, I’ve managed to convert mama after many years of sticking with her traditional cooktop (and she couldn’t be happier).

However, although you will only find reviews on induction cook tops and ranges on my website, I’m not here to tell you that induction is right for everyone. For that reason I’ve decided to add this informational page so you can make your own mind up on whether or not induction is right for you.


Gas cooktop

Let’s start with the Pros:

  • When you switch gas on, the heat is immediate. There is no waiting time like you get with electric, and many people like the idea of being able to see the flame because it helps as a visual guide with how much heat you’re producing.
  • You can use just about any type of cookware with a gas cooktop.
  • Almost all gas cooktops come with manual knobs and some people like to be able to turn the temperature up and down this way rather than use say, a touch control panel.
  • Gas cook tops are much cheaper to buy than induction.


  • If you’re safety conscious you should think about the fact that you’re not just dealing with a naked flame but a combustible heat source as well. You run the risk of burning yourself, or other accidents can occur which means you could end up with a tea towel on fire. Plus, gas leaks can happen and not many cooktops like this have a warning system to tell you the gas is switched on but there is no flame (potentially very dangerous).
  • They’re pretty difficult to keep clean, and believe me I’ve had my fair share of hassles over the years dealing with baked on food that eventually scrubs off but leaves scratches behind on the surface. You also have a lot more parts to deal with, not to mention grease and bits of food that can get under the controls.
  • Design is something else to think about. If you’re looking for a minimalist feel in your kitchen, it’s pretty difficult to achieve this with a gas cooktop.
  • You can waste energy when using gas because not all of the heat is used just for cooking. If you currently use a gas cooktop, you’ll know what I’m talking about (especially in summer). This can make for an uncomfortable kitchen environment and wastes money.


Induction cooktop

Again, lets’ do the Pros first:

  • You may be surprised to read this, but induction cooking is far quicker than gas. In fact, some of the cook tops I have reviewed on my website will boil a large pan of water in as little as 90 seconds!
  • The energy you use is far more economical. This is because induction cooktops only heat the cookware you’re using and nothing else. No more hot sweaty kitchens, and certainly far less opportunity to burn yourself or set something on fire!
  • Induction is much safer than gas for obvious reasons. Many of the reviews you’ll find here include models that automatically power off the moment the pan leaves the surface. Some of them are even cool to the touch within seconds. You will also find cooktops that are equipped with child safety systems.
  • Temperature control is much more precise because many models have the benefit of electronic touch controls which are digitally displayed. This means if you like to cook dishes that are technically demanding the results will be much better.
  • If aesthetics is important in your kitchen, induction cooktops are the answer. They have a flat surface and will fit seamlessly with any type of décor.
  • They’re easy to clean! If you do happen to have an overflow of some sort, the food will land on a cool surface (unlike traditional electric cooktops!) which makes cleaning an absolute breeze.


  • You will have to be careful with the type of cookware you use. Not all pots and pans are compatible with this type of cooktop.
  • Induction cooktops tend to be more expensive than gas, but considering the amount of energy usage you save, this makes up for the initial layout.


So that’s some information on induction vs gas cooktops. I hope I’ve managed to answer any questions you may have, and that you’re now in a position to make a decision about what suits you best.

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