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GE PHP900DMBB Induction Cooktop Review

No Mess, No Accidents, Just Great Results with your Cooking.

It’s likely you have at least had a glance at the homepage on my website, so you will have some idea of why I decided to set-up a review site for cooktops. The fact is I’m passionate about food, and it’s not just eating it I enjoy. I love to cook and I think the average person should be allowed the ability to cook at their best whenever they take to the kitchen.

There is a saying: “A poor workman always blames his tools”, and this might be true to some extent but for me, you can’t get a dish just so if the tools you’re using are not up to the job. Actually, I have a quick story that blows this saying out of the water, and it goes something like this.

I have a very dear friend who also shares my love of cooking, and we take it in turns to “cook” up a storm in each other’s kitchen. I have to say, when it was my turn to visit her I didn’t look forward to the prospect very much. Not because of the company but because of the hob my friend used to cook on. It was a traditional electric model, and not only did both of us find it hard to get the right temperature, invariably the afternoon would end with us both scrubbing away at food that had baked on to the hob.

GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30

GE PHP900DMBB Induction Cooktop
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You see, this wasn’t about blaming the tools we had to work with it was about making sure the tool at hand could do what was asked of it. So, I made the decision that on this visit I was going to tell her all about the GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30″ Induction Cooktop. I knew she really liked my Max Burton, and I also knew she and her husband have a little more to spare than the average person, so I figured why not.

Instead of setting about chopping, mixing and cooking I brought along a few brochures and we had a fine afternoon of coffee and cookies while I told her all about this cooktop.


You will notice from the description to this model the word black is mentioned, and it actually looks really elegant, but I didn’t think my friend’s décor would quite go with the color so I brought along pictures of the other one that’s designed in stainless steel. They both look good but if you want something to blend in it’s worth knowing you have the choice.

The surfaces on both units are sleek, even and best of all easy to clean. There are a set of touch-button controls which sit neatly beneath the four burners, so no more trying to get grease out from underneath those annoying knobs!


This is where it get’s exciting. The manufacturer has used induction heating technology (as the name suggests), and this is why you get such precision control over the temperature when you cook. Unlike traditional electronic cooktops, this one will heat within seconds. In fact, you can have a large pan of water boiling in less than 5 minutes.

Another fact I must mention is you only get heat where the pan is sitting. This means no more baked on food, and if you need to keep a bottle of olive oil handy you can easily pop it on the cooktop.

There are 19 different levels of power with the GE PHP900DMBB, which means you can cook just about anything you want. And here’s the best bit; if you take the pan away from the burner without switching it off, it will automatically power down on its own and you can put your hand on the surface without any nasty accidents.


My friend was so happy with the information I had for her that afternoon, she immediately nagged her husband silly until he gave in and bought one from Amazon. They opted for the stainless steel model, but if you prefer the regular black model you can find it here.

Of course, I also told her about the GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36″ my family purchased for my mom some months before, but this one was good enough for my friend’s needs. However, if you would like a fith burner and a couple of additional features (and have a little bit of extra cash), make sure to read my review on the PHP960DMBB 36″.

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