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Induction Cooking Demonstrations

Creating the website you see before you has been somewhat of a journey, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. As a result, I am now a firm believer that induction cooking is the way forward for any aspiring, or even accomplished chef.

You may well be looking at this page because you’re still not convinced it’s the right idea to change from either gas or conventional electric cooking.
I know how hard it can be to move away from something you’re used to especially with something as important as creating the perfect dish for family and friends to enjoy. However, as I’ve said I think induction cooking can make a better cook of everyone. So, just to prove the point I’ve included a couple of videos for you to take a look at.

Boiling Water

At the moment I have a gas cooktop and a portable induction cooktop (reasons for this can be found elsewhere on my website), and I’ve found one of the best ways to convince people who visit my home that induction cooking is super efficient is the boiling water test.
When I first bought my portable cooktop, I was a bit like you but after using it a few times I haven’t looked back.

In the video below you will see real time how a pan of water will boil on an induction cook top before gas even gets going. Plus, it demonstrates how you can move up and down the temperatures with induction from boil to simmer, and the response is immediate. Think about all those recipes you have that tell you to bring something to the boil, and once done, gently simmer. Imagine being able to do this with the precision of a master chef!
If you really think it’s too good to be true, the video below is a little over 3 minutes long which is testament to the fact that induction is WAY more efficient than gas.

Induction Only Warms the Pan

What’s the first thing you notice when you switch on a gas or traditional electric cooktop? That’s right – heat! Traditional forms of cooking don’t just heat the pan you’re using but also the whole area around the burner. In some cases, when you’re using all the burners your cooktop can become a potential hazard simply because of the amount of heat it produces.

This also makes for a pretty uncomfortable environment if you’re cooking when the weather is warm because the heat escapes into the area around you. Induction cooking doesn’t do this. In fact, what it does do is essentially turn your cookware into the element. This means the only part of your cooktop that becomes hot is the area that’s in contact with the pan. Everything else stays cool to the touch.

Think about the positives here. Your cook top is suddenly far safer, you won’t get too hot when you’re cooking and you’ll save a vast amount of money on energy which helps the planet as well as your pocket! If you want to see how effective induction cooking is when dealing with how it heats, take a look at the video below. In it, you will find an egg being half fried, and a bar of chocolate being half melted – honest!

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